74-78 economy car


The smaller Pinto-based Mustang came out with a 2.3L four cylinder and a 2.8L 105 HP V6 from Ford of Germany. From '75 through '78 a 302 2bbl was offered, but as with all engines of this time it was low on power, about 122 to 140 HP depending on the year and whether it was 49-state or a CA car. 1974 is the only year a V8 was not available in a Mustang and the first year there was no convertible available. The Mustang II was smaller, more fuel efficient and handled better than the previous car. These were the "Dark Ages" of automotive performance as the industry got hit with a double whammy of pollution controls and gas mileage concerns. It took about ten years for computer controlled engines to return performance to us.