1979-1993 fox bodies


The Fox-body Mustang based on the Fairmont intermediate-sized platform was introduced with MacPherson-struts in front and a live rear axle. Although larger than the Mustang II it weighed less. Ford offered two performance options—a 302 2bbl and a turbocharged 2.3L four cylinder. 1987 The restrictive heads were replaced and a bigger throttle body was added along with cam, intake and exhaust manifold changes to increase HP by 25. An air silencer was placed upstream from the filter at the cost of a couple HP. Compression ratio was 9.0:1. Bigger front disc brakes. Wheels were 15 x 7 inches. The car was about 180 inches long, an inch shorter than the original Mustang. Base price for a GT was $11,300. Related Events 198 7 Ford has record profits of $4.6 billion Ford is heavily criticized when it's learned they plan on replacing the Mustang with a Japanese-derived FWD. Ford recants, keeps the Mustang and renames the new car the Probe.