1994-1997 Fox Body


New Fox-4 platform. A stiffer, but larger, heavier platform. Ford said better breathing increased HP to 215 (240 for the Cobra). In '95 Ford built 250 Cobra R's, probably the best performing Mustang ever. Sound proofing, A/C, the stereo and the back seat were deleted to save weight. It came with a 351 Windsor and a firmer suspension. '96 saw the introduction of the 4.6L SOHC with 215 HP in the GT and a 305 HP DOHC for the Cobra. The original small-block that became the 5.0L had been around since 1961. Because of tightening emissions and economy standards Ford decided it was time for a new generation of small-block engines. The modular design makes it cost effective to create engines of different cylinder configurations- -like inline 4's, V6's, even a V4, V10 or V12.