The SOHC GT and DOHC Cobra have a significant HP increase and a slight increase in torque via better intake, cams and larger valves. Most of the increase is at higher RPM's. The 3.27:1 axle is standard. The Cobra gets an independent rear suspension. There are moderate styling changes. Stiffer springs, smaller anti-roll bars, different shock/strut setup, and heavier steering feel is an attempt to get the same handling with a better ride. The 2000's carry over basically unchanged from the 1999's. For '99 the base price of a GT was $21400, Cobra coupe $28k, Cobra convertible $32k. 2000 prices are about the same. In 2000 300 race-ready street-legal Cobra R's were released with a 5.4L DOHC, 385 HP and a 6-speed. It comes with Recaro seats, Eibach springs, Bilstein shocks & struts, a Borla exhaust, plus many other modifications. Limited edition models offer a hint of the future powertrains.

2004 Mustang? Drawing from Mustang & Fords magazine The Mustang moves to a new platform, the S197, a shortened, modified version of the rear-drive platform with independent suspension that's shared with the new T- Bird and the Lincoln LS. Horsepower is expected to increase to around 285 for the GT and 350 for the Cobra with a 5.0L version of the DOHC .