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Whats up! I am not even close to finishing my mustang. I do have the pics, just click on My pictures above. There are alot more mods I have to do, but the current ones inclued:
*Running Pony down each side of the car
*Contour stripes down the hood that say "Dominator"
*Black headlight covers
*Mustang windshield decal
*Custom red and black interior
*sony Xplode head unit
*two 20" Lava neons in the back window
*three 15" red "music Interfience" lights inside
*notice the 17" Mustang "Bullitt" Rims with the Yokohoma tires!
*State-of-the-art alarm system by D.E.I
*Shogun 659 body-kit (pics coming soon)
Thanks for viewing my site, Ricky